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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Kat invites Ollie over for lunch

And her and Mo have some harsh words for him after hearing what he has been up to. But have they got the wrong end of the stick?

When Kat returns, she is furious to hear that Mo, Hayley, Jean and Stacey plan on keeping Charlie’s cab and demands they all vote whether to keep it or not.

Kat wants to pay Jean back so she can return to Ollie in Brighton, but when Jean has the deciding vote and looks uncertain, Kat realises she’s hiding something.

Having discovered that Ollie has been hitting Jean, Kat confides in Mo and explains how she has invited him round for lunch as she has a plan.

But when Ollie turns up unannounced at the Slaters, Kat and Mo are shocked and lay into him and refuse to hear him out.

At the end of the week, Jean is shocked that Kat and Mo got the wrong end of the stick.

These scenes will air Monday 25th at 9:10pm (55-minute episode) and Friday 29th June at 8pm and 9pm on BBC One

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