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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Keanu demands to know the truth about his dad

But is Karen willing to reveal the truth?

After a confrontation with Karen over his bruised eye, Keanu punches the wall before storming off. Worried about his brother, Keegan checks in on him but slips up by making a remark about Keanu’s dad.

Picking up on Keanu's bad mood, Hayley picks up on Keanu’s bad mood and pushes him to breaking point.

As Hayley seethes, Keanu is disgusted with himself. Tortured by his actions, Keanu opens up to Karen about losing his temper and she does her best to comfort him.

Troubled by what happened, Keanu skips work to apologise to Hayley but as she gives him a piece of her mind, she realises just how upset he is. After some supportive words from Hayley, Keanu makes it up to Karen but as he goes to fetch dinner, he spots two of the gang members getting up to no good.

As he follows one of them, Cody, through the Square, he spots him trying to break into The Arches. The situation quickly escalates and Hayley sees the commotion with Cody.

After a bit of flirting, Keanu is taken aback when Hayley reveals that she's pregnant and invited him out for a drink to thank him for the flowers.

These scenes will air Monday 13th at 8pm, Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th at 7:30pm and Friday 17th August at 8pm on BBC One


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