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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Leo is shoved off a balcony, tensions escalate between Kathy and Sharon + more

The following storylines will air 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st January on BBC One

Leo is shoved off a balcony

Continuing to cause trouble on the market, Leo hurls abuse at Kat leading her to explode and rip Leo’s stall to pieces. As Kat, Kush and Martin calm down in The Vic, Leo arrives and moments after is taken away by the polices - and Kat suggests they head to the Prince Albert to celebrate.

Later, just as Whitney begins to relax, Leo returns and things quickly get out of hand as he grabs her. As Kush arrives, he accidentally shoves Leo off the balcony.

With everyone left reeling, Martin and Kat take over to protect Kush and Whitney, and as Whitney rushes to Leo, the paramedics arrive. With Kush wracked with guilt, Kat is adamant he can't tell the truth.

Later on in the week, Whitney is left horrified after learning an alarming truth.


Tensions escalate between Kathy and Sharon

As Ian revels in his Councillor win, Sharon couldn't care less but when Shirley interrupts them, she is left distraught at what she has to say.

When Kathy checks on Bobby, tensions soon escalate between her and Sharon and Bobby is forced to intervene. Realising that Bobby is struggling, Kathy moves back in leaving Bobby elated.

With Kathy preoccupied, Sharon takes Kathy’s keys and sneaks into the Mitchell’s, but when she's caught red handed by Kathy she's urged to learn from her own mistakes.

Later, after wise words from Bobby, Kathy takes matters into her own hands.


Linda agrees to ration her drinking

Linda is gutted when Mick doesn't stand up for her after overhearing Mo and Jean gossiping about her. Heading to the Prince Albert, Linda hits her head and Tina refuses to serve her - quickly warning Mick.

After promising Mick she doesn‘t need to go to rehab, Linda agrees to ration her drinking but temptation proves too much for her.

In order to distract herself, Linda suggests a day out with Ollie and Mick, but without alcohol her good mood is short lived.

And later on in the week, Mick and Tina are filled with panic when Linda is nowhere to be found - unaware that she's taken Ollie out of school for a day out. When Linda arrives home adamant she’s done nothing wrong, Mick is clearly furious.


Suki's arrival makes quite the impression

When Suki Panesar arrives in Walford, she makes an immediate impression on Jean as she orders her sons about. Her priority is to find Ash and as she approaches her house, Kheerat rushes over.

However, when Ash and Suki come face to face, Suki collapses and later pleads with her to call a truce, leaving Ash conflicted.

With Kheerat determined to find office space, Suki persuades him to take an office nearby and it’s clear she’s planning something.

Meanwhile, Ash and Suki begin to build bridges but Ash’s suspicions rise when Suki’s story doesn’t add up. As she settles into Walford, it soon becomes clear that Suki has an ulterior motive and will go to any lengths to reunite her family.



Tiffany panics when Walford Council phone her looking for Ted, telling them she's his wife and Keegan has his contract at Gray’s office is terminated.

Sheree is less than impressed when Patrick suggests Isaac moves in with them and Dotty lands herself a job at The Arches after impressing Shirley.


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