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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Max worries that Rainie will ruin their custody chances

Worried that Jack and Mel will realise their marriage is a sham, Rainie tells Max they need to be a more convincing couple.

After hosting a slap-up meal for the four of them, Max pulls Rainie aside and tells her to stop trying so hard. As Jack and Mel head upstairs to give them some space, Rainie ends up kissing a stunned Max.

Following the events of the night before, Max reminds Rainie that their focus has to be getting custody of baby Abi and nothing else and he seeks advice from Stacey about his relationship.

Donna is left stunned after learning from Martin that he and Stacey have given Max a reference. After giving him a reality check, Donna lashes out at Rainie and questions her ability to take care of a child.

Furious, Rainie gets revenge on Donna and steals cigarettes from the Minute Mart and hides them on her stall before reporting her. When Mr Lister arrives and finds the cigarettes, Donna realises she’s been set-up and storms over to the Branning’s to confront Rainie.

Max defends Rainie and the pair put on a united front but as soon as Donna leaves, Max snaps at Rainie for almost blowing their chances with baby Abi. Fed up, Max warns Rainie she won’t get a penny if she makes another mistake.

Robbie is alarmed when he spots a letter for Donna saying she has been fined for selling the cigarettes. Wanting to help, Robbie visits Max and Rainie and Max offers to pay the fine under the agreement Donna doesn’t reveal Rainie’s involvement.

These scenes will air week commencing Monday 2nd July on BBC One


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