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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Mel blackmails Sharon, Tiffany opens up to Keegan, Rainie loses control + more

The following storylines will air 23rd-27th September at 7.30pm/8pm on BBC One.

Mel blackmails Sharon


Desperate for revenge on the Mitchell's, Mel contemplates what to do about her discovery and with Lisa's help gets hold of Keanu's phone and sets a trap for Sharon. Realising that Mel knows the truth, Sharon warns her off only to later discover that Mel has her paternity test results.

Pleading with her to keep her secret, Mel blackmails Sharon telling her that she has one day to convince Louise to move back in with Lisa. With the pressure from Mel rising, Sharon suggests going for lunch with Keanu and Louise to talk but is frustrated when Phil invites himself along.

After picking up on Sharon’s odd behaviour, Keanu later confronts Sharon about what’s going on and she lies to him, telling him she can’t bear living with him anymore leaving him stunned.

Later on, a relieved Sharon helps Louise and Keanu move in with Mel but she is left shaken when Mel reveals it’s not over and that she’ll be in touch.

Continuing to blackmail Sharon, Mel's plan starts to come together but when Sharon gets the upper hand over her latest demand, Mel resorts to drastic measures and gives Sharon a threat she can’t ignore.

As the two come to a head, Sharon is left shaken by Mel’s behaviour and things get worse when Mel later changes her demands and Sharon is left fearing the worst.

Tiffany opens up to Keegan as Gray makes a promise to Chantelle


With recent events on her mind, Tiffany tries to get Keegan alone on his birthday but to no avail. As the Taylors celebrate, Gray suggests a party back at his but tensions grow when Mitch learns Gray bought Keegan a laptop and the two go head-to-head.

With the party in full swing, Keegan and Louise clash after she makes a nasty comment about Tiffany. Finally managing to get Keegan alone she explains what’s going on.

Back at No.1, Gray reveals to Chantelle he’s going to see a therapist about his behaviour but when Chantelle accidentally cuts her hand, he insists they go to A&E where the nurse spots Chantelle’s bruises.

After supporting him ahead of his therapy appointment, Gray promises Chantelle that he will never hurt her again. But when he unintentionally offends Iqra, he leaves her questioning her job at the restaurant and being humiliated by Ian.

Rainie loses control


When Stuart asks Ian for help in preparing a meal for Rainie to celebrate their six week anniversary, he refuses and Stuart turns to Callum and uses the parlour.

Despite suffering from withdrawal symptoms, Rainie is touched by Stuart’s efforts but when Ian crosses a line, Rainie loses control and storms over to Sonia’s, demanding drugs. With Rainie out of control, Sonia calls for Stuart who arrives just as Rainie attacks Sonia.

Taking Rainie home, Stuart tries to get through to her but she blames him for everything but that doesn't stop him from going to drastic lengths to help her as she struggles with withdrawal symptoms.

When the situation disturbs customers in the funeral parlour, Callum rushes to find Stuart and insists he comes up with another idea. As Stuart explains his actions, Callum is stunned to learn that Stuart is a recovering addict, leaving Callum to go and compromise with Jay.

Later on, Stuart returns to check-on Rainie and she crumbles in his arms and Callun shares his concerns about Rainie to Stuart.

Ben's back working for Phil


Louise is less than impressed to see Ben is well and truly back in the Mitchell fold when Phil trusts him with overseeing a job Shirley is doing. Fed up of his attitude, Louise puts Ben in his place and later warns him to stay away from her.

Taken aback by his generous behaviour, Keanu and Ben discuss parenthood until they're interrupted when a man, Jason, arrives to see through a job Phil has arranged. Wanting to impress, Ben tells him he’s able to get him a fancy car for a good deal.

Meanwhile, Jean struggles with Ben being in the Square leaving him to contemplate his actions and Ben meets with a friend, Tubbs, to ask him for help with his new money-making scheme.



With Ted and Patrick both nervous about meeting Sheree’s mum, Wanda, Denise and Jack join them all at The Vic.

Ted and Wanda’s second date ends in disaster and he tells her to leave. After giving him another chance, the two have a heart-to-heart about Joyce. Touched, Ted kisses Wanda.


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