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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Tiffany gets closer to Jagger

But at what cost?

After enlisting Bernadette's help to get Jagger's attention on Monday (1st October), Tiffany lies to both Whitney and Bernadette about agreeing to meet him.

When Tiffany arrives at the café she is disappointed to see Jagger with his gang and as her efforts to impress them go ignored, she heads off unaware that they're all smirking. But what are they up to?

Feeling low about Jagger, Tiffany ends up snapping at Robbie and on Tuesday (2nd October), and Bernadette spots her second phone but is quickly thrown off the scent.

But after her constant meddling in her relationship with Jagger, he sends Bernadette a dangerous warning.

As she confronts Jagger, the pair clash and Tiffany takes his side. We later see Jagger and Stix plot on ways to get back at Bernadette.

Tiffany convinces Whitney to let her stay out late on Thursday (4th October) and Bernadette agrees to cover for her so she can go on a date with Jagger.

After being taken to Walford East, Tiffany is impressed and after being gifted a necklace, they make things official. However it's clear that he has an agenda.

A smitten Tiffany spends time with Jagger on Friday (5th October) and when he gets a call he has to sort, Tiffany offers to help but is quickly shut down.

Elsewhere, after speaking to Karen, Whitney realises she’s been lied to but when she confronts Tiffany about her whereabouts the previous night, Tiffany's offended and leaves Whitney feeling guilty.

But when Tiffany discovers that Jagger is paying a girl to store phones for him, she gives him an ultimatum. She helps or they’re over.

Once alone at home Tiffany makes a shocking discovery...

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One

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