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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 13th - Friday 17th May

There are heartbreaking scenes in EastEnders next week as Dinah takes her own life, leaving Bailey distraught, Keanu struggles with news about Louise and there's love in the air as Jack and Denise go on a date and Kat and Kush kiss after realising that they have feelings for one another.

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need...

Dinah takes her own life

Leaving Bailey distraught

Upset after checking on Dinah, Karen makes out to Mick that it's her rift with Chantelle that's getting her down. After some encouragement from Mick, Chantelle invites Karen to lunch and they make amends.

But when Karen gets a worrying text from Dinah, she arrives to find that she has fallen again. When the nurse arrives, Karen asks him to help Dinah's ongoing depression and he suggests booking an appointment with a mental health nurse.

After mentioning another patient, Darren, who has also been in Dinah's situation, Karen decides to call him and asks him to speak to Dinah but her concerns grow when she finds Dinah writing future birthday cards for Bailey.

Not realising that Dinah is making he final plans, Karen's pleased that she's agreed to have Bailey stay, but when Karen and Chantelle arrive to take Bailey to the park, Dinah's guilt kicks in.

After struggling to get out of work, Mitch arrives to check on Dinah but is distraught to find that Dinah has taken her own life. As Karen heads home, she rushes over to Mitch having spotted the ambulance and her worst fears are confirmed, Dinah went through with her plan.

Both Karen and Mitch are distraught and Mitch is shaken when the police find Dinah's note. When Keegan and Bernadette arrive, they quickly realise what has happened and Keegan rushes off to find Bailey. Finding her at the flat, he tries his best to protect her as best he can, taking her upstairs to the Taylor’s flat.


Jack goes on a date with Denise

As Max and Mel have a drink together

After finding her shoplifting sanitary products, Mel grows close to Amy which Jack isn't happy about. Despite ordering her to keep her distance, Mel takes Amy shopping and Jack realises that Amy's happy so wants to thank Mel.

Having previously shot down an investment opportunity that Mel wanted him to look at, Jack offers to look over it with Mel as a thank you.

When Max and Rainie both tell Jack that they can't babysit Amy whilst he goes on his date with Denise, they all bicker and Amy calls Mel who is happy to help.

Later, after Mick tries to play matchmaker for one of Linda’s friends, he ends up pushing Denise and Jack together but tensions rise after Jack struggles to find a babysitter for Amy. It's left to Amy to call Mel who's happy to help.

When she learns about Jack's date with Denise, Mel does her best to hide her surprise. When Max enters, he winds Mel up and the two have a drink together.


Keanu struggles with news about Louise

But as Sharon becomes a shoulder to lean on. Will they fall back into their old ways?

Wanting answers, Keanu waits for Bex in her home so that he can quiz her about Louise. Surprised to find him waiting for her, Bex panics when Keanu picks up her pills.

Confronting Louise, Keanu is dealt some harsh words which leave him drowning his sorrows in The Vic. But when Sharon tells Keanu about Louise, he doesn't take the news well and storms off to the car.

Doing her best to support him Sharon follows him and as they reel from their actions, they're interrupted by Ben who questions Sharon about the exchange. But when she's dismissive of him, Ben decides to offer him some work.

But when Ben’s contact mistakes Keanu for Ben, Keanu is quick to play along and takes some logbooks for the dodgy cars Ben ordered.

When Ben asks Keanu if anyone has stopped by with a delivery, Keanu plays dumb, but when Ben sees his contact on the Square, he realises Keanu has double crossed him.


Kat and Kush act on their feelings as they kiss

But they keep their affair a secret?

Kat revels in joining Martin and Stacey as they tease Kush about his love life whilst Stacey decides to take Kat’s love life into her own hands by setting her up with Martin’s supplier, Marc. But how will this make Kush feel?

As Kat joins Stacey and Martin for a double date at The Vic, Kush arrives and she tries to make him jealous. Her tactics work and after she reminds Martin of his anniversary, she ditches Marc and sneaks back to Kush’s.

After agreeing to keep their affair a secret, Kat and Kush struggle to meet up as Kush has let Bex use his flat to study. With the Slaters out of the house, Kat invites Kush over but as one thing leads to another, Martin and Stacey return home from their anniversary dinner.

Is their secret about to be revealed as they lie in bed together?


EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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