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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Whitney tracks down Halfway

But will she stick by him when she finds out what's been going on?

Confused by Halfway's distant behaviour, Whitney goes to find him after discovering that he's moved out of The Vic.

After tracking him down, Whitney demands answers from him and is furious to find out what happened and that he took his brother's side.

Elsewhere, Mick and Tina have a breakthrough when Mick’s old friend Dylan turns up at The Vic telling them Stuart did the same thing to him and he’s reported him to the police.

Still not knowing who to believe, Halfway pays Tina a visit who urges him to believe her and move back in. After agreeing, a sheepish Halfway is welcomed back to The Vic by the Carters but everyone is confused when they receive a large order of pizzas.

As the delivery man demands payment he realises his moped is gone and the police are called.

These scenes will air Monday 30th July at 8pm, Tuesday 31st July at 7:30pm, Thursday 2nd August at 7:30pm and Friday 3rd August at 8pm on BBC One


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