ED FRINGE REVIEW Lauren Pattison, Lady Muck

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This year, Lauren Pattison has brought her first hour, Lady Muck to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If there's one person everyone's talking about this year, and one person with the most reviews on their poster outside the Pleasance, it's Lauren Pattison. So it's no wonder that she's been selling-out and has added extra dates.

Unfortunately on the day I went to see Lauren, she walks in clutching a bottle of water, lets us know that she's not feeling well and declares an area for her to be sick in, should she need to.

Thankfully she wasn't sick and despite (over) apologising for not delivering her best show, I had no complaints. I genuinely can't think of how Lady Muck could have been even better had she been well.