ED FRINGE REVIEW Rhys James, Wiseboy

★ ★ ★ ★

This year, Rhys James is back at the Fringe with his fourth show Wiseboy.

It's a big year for Rhys, as for the first time ever at the Fringe, he's performing in an actual building. He's also got a fan to keep cool. But only one. And he's bought a screen.

Over the years he's become a firm Fringe favourite and when I knew he'd be back this year he was top of my must-see list.

Last year I was really impressed with Rhys' confidence and self-deprecation and I feel that this year his confidence has stepped up a notch. He has the confidence and ability of someone well beyond his years, and it's worth remembering that Rhys is just 26 and this is only his fourth ever hour.

But his self-deprecation hasn't gone away. For example he still recognises the fact that he's a white middle-class man who was recently given a show on Radio 4.