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ED FRINGE REVIEW Rose Matafeo, Sassy Best Friend

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This year, Rose Matafeo returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her second solo show in as many years, Sassy Best Friend.

I first became aware of Rose when she supported Nish Kumar in London last December and when I heard that she would be performing her own hour at the Fringe, I knew I had to see her show.

Through humour, Rose is able to actually make some important point in Sassy Best Friend. As someone who isn't white, she points out how she will never be the lead in a romantic comedy, instead she'd be the sassy best friend. Hence the name of the show.

Unashamedly a feminist, Rose's material speaks primarily to women but that not to say that myself and the other men in the room didn't enjoy it. We absolutely did. And one guy in the front row perhaps enjoyed the show more than us as he was picked by Rose to be the subject of her flirting.

If you're a fan of Michael Jackson (and even you're not), be warned that you will leave the show never being able to listen to certain Michael Jackson songs in the same way again.

At just 25 years of age, and with only her second show, Rose is fast-becoming one of the most talked about comedians at the Fringe and with good reason. Her energy throughout the hour is infectious. She's upbeat, likeable and doesn't struggle to get the audience on side.

What would be really lovely is to see more of her on television and actually, why not cast her as a lead in a romantic comedy? I'd certainly watch!

Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend runs until Sunday 27th August at 7:15pm at the Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Beside)


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