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Eliza reveals that one day she'd like to move to Germany to be with her dad in Corrie

How will Stu feel about that?


After Stu tells Yasmeen that he’s going to put the £10k into trust for Eliza’s future, Eliza finds the envelope containing £10k in Stu’s coat pocket together with a note that reads “I’m sorry I let Eliza down”. As Eliza and Alya look at him expectantly, Stu’s heart sinks. 

After Hope, Sam and Eliza manage to track down Dom to the Chariot Square Hotel bar, Eliza calls at Speed Daal with Dom in tow.

With Stu and Yasmeen present, Eliza tells Dom that she’s not prepared to lose him again and she’d like to move to Germany with him. 

Later, as Eliza practises her German, determined that one day she’ll go and live with Dom, Stu comes to a decision and admits to Dom that he’s been entirely selfish and suggests that Eliza has two weeks with him in Germany at Easter as a trial run with a view to moving there permanently.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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