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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Doug puts his trust in Lachlan

But thankfully Lachlan realises he's not to be trusted.

After being handed a letter by Terry from his solicitor, Doug pleads with him not to sue and to drop the lawsuit.

When Doug spots Terry sleeping in his car, he offers him a free room at the B&B leaving Diane and Pollard shocked, but he assures them that he can be trusted. Later, Terry tells Diane, Pollard and Doug that he is dropping the case.

But Lachlan gets worried when Liv shows Terry one of Gerry’s hand drawn comics. But after he refuses to hand the comic over, Lachlan goes on a mission to retrieve it from his room. But will he succeed in finding the incriminating works?

As Doug discusses the details of Gerry's funeral, Terry tries to get out delivering his eulogy. And how will Lachlan feel when Doug reveals that he has sold his car to raise the cash to help Terry.

Soon It’s the day of the funeral and as it commences Doug tells Terry he has left his money in his room. Terry backs out of giving his eulogy and bolts for the door, leaving it to Doug to deliver the eulogy.

But Diane is suspicious of Terry’s hasty exit and Lachlan confronts him as he is about to do a runner with the cash and other items.

These scenes will air Monday 4th - Friday 8th June at 7pm on ITV


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