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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Moira and Nate's affair is exposed, Tracy worries that she's killed Kerry + more

The following storylines will air 30th September - 4th October at 7pm on ITV

Moira and Nate's affair is exposed


Alarmed to see Nate and Cain getting on well, Moira suddenly gives Nate a day off - which Cain cancels, wanting to spend more time with his wife. Following a close call with Pete, Nate tells Moira that he's booked them a night together. Lying to Cain she tells him that needs to go to a cattle auction in Gloucestershire.

As Moira and Nate set off separately, Nate texts her unaware she’s left her phone at home and when Nate arrives at the hotel, Moira is busy looking for her phone. But she soon forgets about the phone when Nate moves in for a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, on the farm Pete falters when he finds Moira’s phone and sees the message from Nate. With Nate not at his caravan he puts two and two together and when Cain tries to call Moira, Pete who is holding Moira’s phone, cancels the call.

Back at the hotel, as they lie beside one another, Nate gets a pointed call from Pete letting on that he knows about the affair. But will Pete tell Cain?

Tracy worries that she's killed Kerry after finding out the truth


Spotting Frank's keyring, Kerry pockets it. The next day, Tracy spots Frank’s keyring has fallen from Kerry’s bag and Amy and Kerry have to keep their cool when Tracy questions them about it.

Meeting with the journalist from the Hotten Courier, after plucking up the courage to do an interview, Kerry squirms and is racked with guilt.

As she looks for her dad's keyring in Kerry’s bedroom, Tracy finds passports and one-way tickets and demands to know what is going on. When Kerry admits sole responsibility for the fire that led to Frank's death, wanting to protect Amy, she's left reeling, but when Amy arrives a furious Tracy tries to get the truth out of her.

Determined to fight for their secret, Amy and Kerry lock Tracy in to stop her from going to the police but Tracy seizes a moment to make a run for it with Kerry in hot pursuit. When Kerry falls and hits her head hard, a horrified Tracy witnesses a devastated Amy crying over Kerry’s unresponsive body and is convinced she’s killed Kerry.  

Manpreet faces a difficult moral decision when Derek dies


When David and one of Manpreet’s patients falls ill, Rishi dismisses the suggestion that his chocolates are to blame. However, when Manpreet's patient Derek dies from likely salmonella poisoning, Rishi is fearful but Jai reassure him that it's not his fault.

When the environmental health service start telephoning, the family are shocked as to who alerted them with Jai pointing the finger of suspicion at the Dingles and their eggs. While Rishi prepares for the worst, Manpreet looks up how much Derek’s stamp album which she has, is worth.

Could this solve their problems? 



Rhona tells Vanessa she’s made a fool of herself with Graham, Leyla needs a couple for a wedding competition and it’s war when Bernice and Liam and Sam and Lydia are pitted against each other.

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