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Faith guards her secret in Emmerdale

As rumours circulate about Brenda, Pollard and Faith's living arrangements!

As Brenda, Faith and Pollard shop for a special lunch, David comments on their weird dynamic and Mackenzie makes coded remarks on the nature of their living arrangements.

Brenda reiterates to Faith that she should tell her family about her health worries, but Faith wants to wait until she has a diagnosis.

Whilst lifting some boxes, Brenda pulls a muscle and Faith gives her a massage just as Mackenzie arrives to overhear an intriguing conversation between the two women. Back in the village, Mackenzie can’t stop gossiping about what is going on up at the barn.

When Sarah walks in she overhears Faith talking about death and Faith is cornered when she asks her if her cancer has come back. Admitting that she's had tests, Faith insists that no one else can know yet.

Meanwhile, in the pub, the gossipers confront Pollard who squirms to fend off the suspicions.

And when Faith pleads with a distressed Sarah to keep quiet, Chas appears demanding the truth. Will Faith be forced to come clean?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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