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Fears grow for Whitney in EastEnders

And with the pressure mounting for Gray, has he taken his eye off Chantelle?

With Whitney nowhere to be found, Gray is alarmed and after finding a letter, Sonia is convinced she has fled.

When Gray's boss Laura arrives for a meeting with Whitney, everyone is forced to cover and as Chantelle thinks of ways to cheer Gray up, Suki arrives and questions Chantelle’s dedication to her new job until Kheerat intervenes.

As the pressure rises for Gray, Chantelle does her best to support him but when Gray struggles to get hold of her, there's a powercut just as he's able to get through to her and things get worse for Chantelle as she realises she's locked in with Kheerat.


EastEnders continues Monday 27th at 7.30pm and Tuesday 28th April at 8pm on BBC One


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