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FIRST LOOK Trailer: Bounty Hunters

This week’s Sky One released the trailer for their brand new comedy thriller Bounty Hunters, starring Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez.

Whitehall stars as the posh, uptight Brit Barnaby Walker who is sorting out his family’s cash-strapped antiques business after his father is hospitalised following a mysterious accident.

However, when he unwittingly buys a blood antiquity looted from the war-torn Middle East, he sets off a chain of events that nothing could prepare him for.

Cue help in the shape of tough New Yorker and bounty hunter Rita Morales (Perez), whose own world is also in turmoil: she's on the run, having killed a member of a Mexican cartel.

As the dynamic duo team up viewers will be taken on a comedy journey stretching from New York to London to Mexico.

Bounty Hunters starts Wednesday 25th October at 9pm on Sky One

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