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Fiz and Tyrone are horrified in Corrie as John Stape's voice returns

How will they react when they discover what Hope has been up to?

When Sam finds her in the café listening to her John Stape cassette, Hope explains to him that by hearing her dad's voice, she hopes to get to know him better.

Back home, Hope is devastated when the tape unspools. After Tyrone manages to sort it out, both he and Fiz are horrified when they press play and John Stape’s voice fills the room.

When Sam explains how Hope listens to the tape of her Dad in a bid to get to know him, how will they react?

After deciding it would be good for the girls to have a pet to look after, Fiz is unimpressed when Tyrone and the girls return from the pet shop with Cilla the chinchilla!

As Hope bonds with Cilla the chinchilla, Fiz and Tyrone are optimistic that it could be a new beginning as she’s clearly smitten with her new pet.

But when Fiz and Tyrone later return home hoping for an afternoon lie down, the mood is broken when they discover the house smells of chinchilla poo.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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