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Gang drama in Corrie forces Abi to cancel her wedding as Seb and Nina fight for their lives

And who's willing to lie for Corey?

Corey is unimpressed when Asha suggests another evening in with a boxset and announces he’s off out to meet his mates. As he meets up with Kelly in Speed Daal, Nina watches as they openly flirt with each other.

As they're joined by Summer and Eli, Corey and Kelly unashamedly continue to flirt with each other. Feeling uncomfortable, Summer points out that Asha wouldn't like it.

When Nina tentatively mentions to Asha that she saw Corey openly flirting with Kelly in Speed Daal. How will she react?

As Nina and Seb scour the internet for a suitable necklace for Abi on her wedding day, Seb makes a light hearted comment about buying her an engagement ring leaving Roy troubled.

After Seb suggests that perhaps they’ve taken things too quickly and he should move back out, Nina is taken aback and questions his feelings.

Fearing that their wedding is cursed, Abi assures Kevin that nothing will spoil their day despite him falling out with Tyrone. However her day goes from bad to worse, with a series of setbacks sending her stress levels through the roof.

After asking Seb to give her away, he presents her with the necklace from him and Nina and Abi tells her friends that she has never felt so happy. And Tyrone calls at the garage to tell Kevin that he will be his best man after all.

Back at the flat, Corey tells Asha he's going out again and meets his mate Eli who pulls up in a stolen car. Desperate not to let him down Asha jumps in the car along with Kelly and Summer.

Stopping at some wasteland, they get out the beer and turn up the music and Asha and Summer are horrified to discover the car is stolen.

When Kelly berates them, Corey joins in and a devastated Asha heads home and meets Amy on her way back to the street.

As a loved up Nina and Seb walk along the canal, they come across the gang and Eli and Corey, drunk, start making nasty jibes at Nina. Becoming uneasy, Summer heads home.

Egged on by Eli, Kelly slaps Nina across the face and as Seb and Nina hurry away, the gang gives chase and find themselves subject to an unprovoked and vicious attack.

As the stags and hens continue their celebrations, oblivious to what has gone on, the police turn up and break the devastating news that Nina and Seb have been attacked.

In the hospital, the nurse explains to Roy how Nina sustained several blows to her head and is currently undergoing an operation. Horrified, Abi takes in the extent of Seb’s injuries and the doctor assures her they’re doing everything they can and they’re hopeful he’ll make a full recovery.

Later, the doctor explains how they're going to run some tests on Seb and Abi, worried sick, asks Kevin to cancel their wedding. As Kevin hurries out, Abi listens to the voice message Seb left shortly before he was attacked. Telling her son how much she loves him, Abi is feeling all emotional as he's wheeled away for his scan.

Meanwhile, returning home, Kelly does her best to mask her terror. Realising she’s drunk, Imran and Toyah tear a strip off her and order her to knuckle down.

And when Asha returns home from Amy’s, Corey is already there and lies - making out he's been home for ages and was worried for her.

But when Aadi calls at the flat, he tells them how Seb and Nina were attacked and whilst Asha reels, oblivious to Kelly and Corey’s involvement, Corey acts shocked.

Covering his tracks, Corey tells Kelly to say nothing and after hearing that Summer is suspicious, he threatens to tell Billy that she was in a stolen car unless she keeps quiet.

As Nina regains consciousness, she tells Roy and Abi that all she can remember of the evening was seeing Corey and his mates.

When questioned by the police, she tells them how she and Seb went for a walk and came across Corey and Kelly. But struggles to remember anything about the attack.

Spotting Corey and Asha outside their flat, Abi steams over demanding some answers. Assuring her that he knows nothing about the attack, Corey tells Abi that he's as shocked as she is and makes out that he's always got on well with Nina.

With Asha perplexed, Corey swears that he's entirely innocent, but tells her that it would be best if she told the police that they were together all evening. Will she agree to lie for him?

Abi does her best to remain positive after the doctor reveals that Seb’s tests were inconclusive, so they’re going to repeat them.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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