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Gary sees red and throws a goading Mason to the floor in Corrie

But when Sean scrolls through Dylan's messages, he's horrified.


As Liam sleeps, an exhausted Maria watches over him and calls the doctor, demanding an urgent appointment.

When Liam opens up to Dr Gaddas, admiting that his life has become so unbearable that he just wanted to end it, she tells Maria that she’s referring Liam to a mental health unit. But with a long waiting list, Maria must keep a close eye on him in the meantime.

Meanwhile, when Mason goads Gary, telling him that Liam needs to watch his back, Gary sees red and throws him to the ground. Dashing over, Sean threatens to report Gary to the police.

Determined to clear Dylan’s name, Sean demands he hands over his phone and as he scrolls through Dylan’s messages, a look of horror appears on his face.

Later on in the week, as George, Eileen and Mary make a fuss of Dylan on his birthday, Sean can barely look at him. Feeling awful, Dylan unwraps a watch which Sean has had engraved and Eileen urges Sean to sit down and talk to Dylan properly.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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