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George agrees to Eddie’s character statement request so that he can get closer to his mum in EastEnders

Is George about to finally meet his mum?


It's Mother's Day in Walford and Cindy is excited about celebrating with Gina, Anna and Peter together for the first time.

However, at The Vic, having been informed that no DNA matches have been found for him and there's no trace of his birth family, George is struggling to cope.

When Elaine and Cindy insist that the time has come for George to tell the girls the truth about his heritage before they head to Jamaica, he reluctantly agrees.

As George shares his story, Gina and Anna are horrified and are furious to discover the truth about Eddie and the trial.

Meanwhile, after being coerced by Eddie into begging George to give a defence statement in court, Gloria rings the pub.

Later, George goes to see them and tells them to never contact him or the girls again. However, Eddie tells him that he's got information about George's birth mother and will only hand it over if George gives him a character witness in court tomorrow.

As he mulls over Eddie’s ultimatum, Georgie is left in turmoil as Elaine and the girls desperately worry for him.

When Elaine asks Johnny to talk through the legal implications of giving the statement to help George make his mind up, he's still conflicted.

Following a heart-to-heart with Linda, George decides to trust his gut and heads to court where Gloria is distracted by the arrival of a mysterious woman.

Arriving at the court, George takes the stand. What will he say?

After the trial, Elaine is worried sick about George and joins forces with Cindy to try to make George calm down, for the girls' sake.

However, the arrival of a visitor at The Vic changes everything and later, Elaine and the girls frantically look for George. Where has he gone?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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