I TALK Citizen Khan

Tonight saw the first episode of Citizen Khan air on BBC One, the show is the first Asian sitcom for the BBC. Created by radio presenter (BBC Asian Network) turned comedian Adil Ray, Citizen Khan has been billed as 'the seventies sitcom they forgot to make'.

Mostly filmed in front of a live studio audience, Citizen Khan is the first sitcom to do so in Media City UK, Salford. Citzen Khan follows the Khan family who live in Sparkhill, Birmingham - 'the capital of British Pakistan' and is a return to the true sitcom form and is full of old school jokes such as parking his infamous yellow Mercedes in a disabled spot then walking off limping.

Self-appointed 'Community Leader' Mr Khan, played by Adil Ray is at the heart of the sitcom. In the first episode the first time we see Mr Khan he comes into the living room carrying two big clear bags full of toilet rolls. He had bought them because they were, and I quote, "on special discount from cash and carry", the first of many jokes that reference Asian family culture.

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