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I TALK Him & Her (Series 3)

Very often the BBC will decide to end a sitcom after its second series. Previous examples include Fawlty Towers and The Office. But luckily Him & Her isn't one of those and after a very successful second series the show returned tonight for its third run with a double-bill.

It's safe to say that this new series of Him & Her doesn't feel like the third series that shouldn't have been made, and instead is a nice continuation of the first two. In case you've not seen the show before, the sitcom is a bout a lazy couple, Becky and Steve and is set in their bedsit.

Keeping that natural style that made us all fall in love with the series in the first place, including discussions about watching iPlayer, Children in Need and the perfect mix of toilet humour I'm so glad the series is back as it really is a great modern day sitcom.

We also get to witness some brilliant effortless performances from Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani, who after her recent stint in Bad Education, is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses.

In the first episode Becky (Sarah Solemani, Bad Education) has got a massive hangover and as a surprise, Steve (Russell Tovey, Being Human) has to hide an engagement ring and a bottle of cava from her. Running throughout the series is the whole will he won't he propose storyline.

So the big question is... Will he? Well only time will tell.Not long into, The Ring, the first episode Becky gets suspicious of Steve's plans to propose as he mentions to he the kind of things that her dad would bring up in a 'speech'. The way becky sees it the only time her dad would make a speech about Steve is on their wedding day. Has the cat already been let out the bag? Surely not.

Laura, Becky's sister is another great character, played by Kerry Howard returns with her and Paul's (Ricky Champ) first baby scan and plans for a picnic, an idea Becky and Steve are totally against, not least because Becky's nursing a stinking hangover. The big news isn't the baby scan but Paul's new moustache which everybody feels the need to compliment which nobody really wants to apart from Shelly.

It appears Dan and Shelly have taken their relationship to a whole new level as she makes excuses for being late and then when she does arrive at the flat she has terrible bed hair and is followed by Dan (Joe Wilkinson) who hands her a bag full of underwear which she apparently left behind, at his no less.

Steve faces another close shave when in front of everyone, except for Becky, Laura finds Steve's engagement ring in the bin and is horrified that Steve should even THINK about getting married before her. Will Laura let slip and tell Becky?

What's interesting from the first episode is how much of the rest of the block you see, including a very awkward conversation between Steve and his neighbour, who we later see having a conversation with the lady downstairs about the state of Becky and Steve's flat.

In the second episode, Breakfast, we are introduced to Paul's half-brother Ian, or at least someone Paul believes to be his half-brother or more importantly, his best friend. To celebrate Ian's arrival Steve is pushed into cooking breakfast for everyone and in the process sets off the fire alarm which annoys the neighbours and cuts his finger whilst using the world's sharpest knife.

Not pleased with what he's seen and been through he makes a very heartfelt speech that ends in 'shove off' which spurs them all on even more as they think he's joking. Will Ian return in a future episode? I think not.

Laura continues her dislike for Steve in episode two asking Becky if she's happy and even tries talking Steve out of marriage and that the best thing he could do to Becky is get out of her life. I for one do not want to see them separate as not only would that mean an end to the series but I believe they make a really good couple.

Next week's episode, The Happy Couple, sees the return of Steve's mum Janet who has been accused by her husband Mike of having an affair. Has she? And if so, who with? I don't want to give too much away so what I will say is tune into next week's episode for another cracking episode.

We also get introduced to Shelly's son, Kieran who Becky and Steve are to babysit for a while. Something Laura agreed to and Becky and Steve knew nothing about. First a proposal, then babysitting. Will seeing Steve look after Kieran make Becky broody and will we be seeing the spin-off sitcom Him & Her & the Baby anytime soon? Only time will tell...

Episode 4 (2nd December), The Father-In-Law, sees the flat get burgled and the question is, have they taken the engagement ring? The episode is also the first time we see Becky's parents who come over to help after the burglary. Will Steve use this as an opportunity to ask Nigel for Becky's hand in marriage? And what will he say?

Him & Her returns Sundays at 10pm on BBC Three


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