I TALK Crackanory (Series 2)

When Crackanory first arrived on Dave last November, many weren't sure whether a show where well-known faces read bedtime stories to adults would work. Luckily it did and this week sees the series return with an even better line-up of familiar faces, including the late Rik Mayall in his last television performance.

Each of the narrators this series deliver their story from the now iconic Crackanory chair situated a the heart of a fabulously impressive set. Each episode features two tales read by two different storytellers alongside a mixture of live action and animated. Last week I was invited along to the launch at BAFTA to watch four of the stories from the new series.

The first episode consists of two stories, In Space No One Can Hear You Clean, written by Nico Tatarowicz and read by Vic Reeves and The Weather Man, written by Tony Wray and read by Rik Mayall.