I TALK Dead Boss

At the start of this year I wrote about some of the comedy that was due to come out in 2012, amongst those programmes was Dead Boss which debuted on BBC Three earlier on this evening with a double-bill.

Co-written by Sharon Horgan (Pulling) and Holly Walsh (8 Out of 10 Cats), Dead Boss is a new prison based sitcom that tells the story of Helen (Horgan) who is imprisoned for murdering her boss at Entirely Tiles, Eric Bridges. Walsh is said to make a little cameo in the final episode of the first series.

If you haven't seen the show yet, then the easiest way in which I can describe it is as a 'murder mystery' comedy... think Bad Girls meets Psychoville & 'the sitcom' genre, and you'll be along the right lines. The 'mystery' element begins when 'stalker' Henry, from Entirely Tiles, comes to visit her, and we see Helen begin to piece together the events before Eric's death.

All the 'evidence' Helen has seems to suggest she is innocent and therefore has been wrongly