I TALK Family Tree

Chris O'Dowd, yes, Roy from The IT Crowd is back on our screens in a brand new eight-part comedy for BBC Two called Family Tree.

Chris O'Dowd plays Tom Chadwick and stars alongside Nina Conti who plays his sister, Bea. Similarly to Episodes, Family Tree is a co-production with an American production company, this time HBO. Described as a 'single-camera, improvisational, documentary-style comedy', I'd agree with most of those terms except for comedy. That's not to say the show isn't any good, in fact quite the opposite, the show is great. But if you're tuning in to expect another comic turn from Chris O'Dowd, then sadly Family Tree isn't quite that.

Sure there are laughs and funny moments across the series but 'feel-good' is probably a better term to use than 'comedy'. I've seen half of the series already, and it really is a case of the more you watch the more you get into the story and want to find out more about the ever surprising Chadwick family. Family Tree, is written and created by Christopher Guest who many of you wil recognise as the creator of This Is Spinal Tap. Family Tree follows 30-year-old Tom Chadwick as he goes on a journey from England to California in a quest to learn more about his family.