I TALK Fresh Meat (Series 3)

Monday night saw the first episode in the third series of Fresh Meat premiere on 4oD, a week before it airs on Channel 4.

Watching the first episode reminded me one thing - that Fresh Meat is awesome. Funny, witty and three series in I now feel like I know the characters inside out.Fresh Meat is created by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, the same people behind Peep Show and with any luck will run for just as long. So what's in store for the new series then?

There's a lot going on; rekindled relationships; a new housemate; sex; drugs; and a dry-slope skiing society. (No, really.) It's great to have the gang back together again after what feels like an age since the end of series two, but a lot's changed.

Probably the biggest change is that they are no longer Freshers, except for Josie (Kimberley Nixon), who is now studying in Southampton, living life as a Fresher once more.