I TALK Hebburn (Series 2)

For me, one of the surprise hits of last year, in terms of sitcoms, was Hebburn on BBC Two.

Starring Chris Ramsey, who at the time was 'that Geordie guy from all those panel shows', Kimberley Nixon from Fresh Meat and Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves, the sitcom follows the Pearson family, from the North Eastern town of Hebburn and their rather ambitious son Jack, who is played by Ramsey and is created by Geordie stand-up Jason Cook.

The first series averaged 1.2 million viewers across the six episodes and on the whole was received really well. I loved the first series and as the series went on I really warmed to Chris Ramsey and it was great to see Jim Moir back on telly too. So I guess there were no real surprises when a second series, AND a Christmas special were were announce. Series two starts on Tuesday night on BBC Two.

The very beginning of episode one makes us think that Joe, Jim Moir's character, is no longer with us. What makes us think that? Well the fact that everyone, apart from Joe are gathered at a funeral with mutterings such as; "He would have loved this your dad." "We should be celebrating the life, not crying over it." and "Poor Joe..." followed by sobbing. Pretty