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I TALK The Revolution Will Be Televised

When The Revolution Will Be Televised first burst onto our screens in August of last year, it was a breath of fresh air for BBC Three as it more like a show you'd see on Channel 4.

It didn't hold back.  The masterminds behind the series, Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein clearly didm;t like the government and BBC Three weren't afraid of showing us how much mischief the two of them can get up to as a result. They both follow in the footsteps of other mischief-makers like Chris Morris, Sacha Baron Cohen and Dom Joly but there's one difference, the boys won a BAFTA for 'Best British Comedy Programme' earlier on this year. An award I felt the show absolutely deserved.

The series returns on Sunday with yet another round of ballsy stunt-led sketches that have already hit the headlines. Especially a certain encounter with a certain Mr Cameron. In the first episode, Jolyon Rubinstein presents the Prime Minister with a 'Bullingdon album' and pretends to be a former Bullingdon Club member asking for an autograph. But Cameron's not the only cameo in the series, there are an impressive number of cameos throughout including both Ed's - Balls and Miliband and Nigel Farage, who we see refuse to pay someone else's expense.

Then there's Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is presented with an award by Heydon Prowse for being the 'Hardest working man in Showbusiness' and Heydon can't help but ask Boris whether he'll '...move into Politics after this whole showbiz thing?" - to which someone around him snatches the award

saying "Let's not do this".

Also appearing in the series are Katie Price, Cara Delavigne, George Clooney and Joylon, in the guise of Dale Maily, spends some time with the EDL on on of their marches.

I'm pleased to say that the very brilliant 'Honest' subtitles are back, and David Miliband on Andrew Marr and Nick Clegg are the latest people to fall victim to the honest subtitles - quite frankly the only subtitles I care for these days. If you never saw the first series of The Revolution Will Be Televised, you missed a corker but all is forgiven as long as you give the new series ago. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed. It's one of the bravest bits of television I've seen in recent years and I predict a really bright future for these two who seem to have landed on their feet at just the right the time, as there's a real appetite for causing a bit of mischief at the government's expense.

Oh and one of my favourite scenes in the new series is when they decide that Parliament is running out of crap. Which means only one thing - deliver more crap. Genius. I smell another BAFTA.

The Revolution Will Be Televised returns Sundays at 10:25pm on BBC Three


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