I TALK Friday Night Dinner (Series 3)

For some reason, Channel 4 decided that Sunday night was the perfect time to show the second series of a comedy called Friday Night Dinner. Why? I'll never know. However I'm pleased to say that the show is about to return for a third series on a... yes, you guessed it... Friday night. Hurrah!

So although Friday Night Dinner is already into its third run, some of you may not have seen it before. So here's a bit of a quick overview. The comedy is based around the Jewish tradition, where every Friday night the family get together for dinner. The family in question consists of Mum and Dad, played by Tamsin Greig (Episodes) and Paul Ritter (Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This), and their two sons; Adam, played by Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners) and Jonny, played by Tom Rosenthal (Plebs).

Not forgetting of course their rather eccentric neighbour Jim, played by the brilliant Mark Heap (Spaced) and his dog Wilson, Aunty Val, who is played by Tracy Ann-Oberman, best known for playing Chrissie Watts in EastEnders, and fin