I TALK Hey Diddly Dee

After a successful first run last year that saw Tom Jones make his acting debut and Psychobitches get picked up for a full series, Playhouse Presents returns tonight on Sky Arts, with Hey Diddly Dee, which was written and directed by Hustle and Mad Dogs actor Marc Warren, a first for him.

Playhouse Presents as a season, consists of short one off comedies and dramas bringing together some of this country's best acting talent, and as is the case here, allows a number of those big names a chance to direct their own films, and for that I'm very thankful to Sky.

Hey Diddly Dee centres around a stage production of Andy Warhol's life, in which Peter Serafinowicz plays the lead much to Johnny's annoyance who would do anything to take centre stage. Johnny by the way I think is played brilliantly all the way through this by Mat Horne who brings that charm he seems to have to the character and the relationship between his character and Kylie's is great to watch and actually, le