I TALK House of Fools

"Look at my glove, I think I'm in love with my medieval gauntlet. I'm happy to say that today all day I'll stride around the flat and flaunt it." sings (yes, SINGS) Vic Reeves as he comes down the stairs wearing, you guessed it, a medieval gauntlet.

He then throws it at Bob Mortimer's graduation picture, and of course gets it stuck there. Cue Bob's entrance, "Look at that prick, he makes me sick, he's filled my house with garbage. It's time that he went and left me in peace, and took his shitty gauntlet with him.", he sings. Then there's the bit where Vic Reeves forgets how to sit down on a sofa. No, really, that happens. It's a very brave opening for a new sitcom, and if this was any other sitcom I'd probably be slating it but the fact that it's Vic & Bob makes it work. If you were a fan of their madcap comedy on Shooting Stars, then you're going to love House of Fools.

So just how wacky and out there is House of Fools? Well, the answer is - very. Aside from the singing, which seems to be the only way a character can enter a scene in House of Fools, the