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I TALK Lucky Man

Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, the man who co-created Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, has written his first-ever UK TV drama Lucky Man, for Sky 1.

Lucky Man is a thrilling, action-packed crime drama about fate, gambling, superstition and the consequences of our actions.

The lucky man (or not so lucky, depending on which way you look at him), is troubled cop Harry Clayton, played by James Nesbitt (The Missing, Cold Feet). He's brilliant at his job but a compulsive gambler in danger of losing the thing he values the most, his family.

Then, one night at the casino, just as he is approaching rock bottom, Harry meets the beautiful and enigmatic Eve, played by Sienna Guillory (Fortitude), who gives him a mysterious bracelet said to endow the wearer with immense luck.

To his great surprise, this lucky charm seems to work and his fortunes begin to shift. However, this kind of luck comes with a price and soon Harry finds himself at the heart of a sinister crime wave sweeping through London. Not least of all when Soho casino boss Freddie Lau is murdered.

With luck on his side he sets himself against the city’s dark forces. But will it be enough to save him and his family?

Sienna Guillory gives a stunning performance as Eve, a beautiful, clever, strong and highly skilled street fighter. She’s the lady responsible for handing the lucky bracelet over to Harry, hoping that he would make the world a better place, instead, her decision triggers a series of events that put both their lives at risk!

This contemporary thriller also stars Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited), Eve Best (Nurse Jackie), Darren Boyd (Luther), Omid Djalili (Moonfleet), Steven Mackintosh (Inside Men), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), Jing Lusi (Holby City), Stephen Hagan (Against the Dark) and Alex Jennings (The Lady in the Van).

Having seen the first episode I’m pleased to say that it’s another classic James Nesbitt performance - full of charm. Whether he’s down on his luck, or up on it, doing the right thing, or doing the wrong thing, there’s something about the character of Harry that makes you like him either way, and that’s largely down to casting Nesbitt in the role.

From the second the first episode started to the minute it ended, I was on the edge of my seat, sucked into Harry’s world and the characters around him, so I can’t wait to see how his story progresses and whether or not luck is really worth having!

It’s been a very lucky start to the year for Nesbitt himself of course after being awarded an OBE by the Queen in the New Year’s Honours for his services to acting and Northern Ireland and of course only this week he reunited with his fellow Cold Feet cast members for the first read through ahead of the new series.

None of this would have been possible of course without Stan Lee, and I have every faith in him, that the 10-part series will continue to peak my interest and as long as the story is there, the viewers, including myself, will follow. Also, make sure you look out for a cameo from the legend that is Stan Lee, halfway through the first episode.

We see Harry take a trip into Chinatown and as he walks past The Cult Entertainment Store, we have a look inside, and sure as anything there he is, playing himself at a signing!

Lucky Man starts Friday 22nd January at 9pm on Sky 1


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