I TALK Luther

Normally channels wait for the autumn to launch their next big drama, however with Luther, which returns for a third, the same rules don't apply. Instead Luther returns in spectacular fashion right at the start of July, and fans are in for quite possibly the best series opener ever.

Two weeks ago I went along to an exclusive screening of episode one at BAFTA, where within the first four minutes the audience were hooked, not only that but actually screamed. There's a scene less than 5 minutes in that will have you jumping out of your seat and questioning how you're going to go to sleep tonight.

There's so much to love about Luther, the character, his sidekick, the way it's shot, the writing. There's a real filmic quality to Luther, there always has been, but I think even more so in the new series, including a beautiful 6 second shot not long into the episode, where we are focussed solely on a female's heel. Not forgetting the great scene where Luther has somebody dangling, yes dangling from a balcony.

Speaking at the BAFTA launch was the man himself Idris Elba, who answered questions about what happens to the show after the third series. Will there be a final episode? A fourth series? A film even?