I TALK One Night

Regular readers know that I have a passion for TV Comedy and that is usually what I write about and review. But, I'd be a fool to ignore the brilliant drama on the BBC at the moment.

I have already written about Prisoners' Wives and more recently The Syndicate, however last week a drama called One Night aired on BBC One over 4 nights and the only way I can describe it is OUTSTANDING. Written by Paul Smith One Night was a story that followed the events of one night told from the point of view of 4 different characters, told brilliantly in 4 different episodes and how the events of that one night have affected them.

The first episode came from the perspective of Kitchen salesman Ted (Douglas Hodge). After having a bad day, Ted takes his frustration out on a group of schoolgirls, one of whom drops a packet of crisps on the pavement outside his house. This leads him to report the incident to the school resulting in the girl's exclusion right before her exams. This is just the beginning to what will become a very bad day for Ted.

The second episode showed the night from the point of view of Rochelle, played by relative newcomer Georgina Campbell. Rochelle is the girl who Ted believes dropped the litter outside the home and is, because of him, excluded from