I TALK Psychobitches

First of all, all I really want to say about Psychobitches, is that it contains some of THE funniest comedy I've seen all year on telly.

Don't get me wrong, there's been plenty of great comedy so far in 2013 but nothing has made me laugh out loud quite as much as Psychobitches when I went along to a special BAFTA screening last week, hosted by Richard Bacon. In fact, I wasn't alone, the whole room was filled with laughter from start to finish as we sat back and enjoyed the first two episodes of Psychobitches.

You may remember Psychobitches from last year's Playhouse Presents series on Sky Arts, where it was a one-off short for the channel's season. It came as no surprise when Sky announced that they had commissioned Tiger Aspect to make a full series.

Why so? Well, quite simply it's because it's so different to all the other comedies that are currently on television. This is no Miranda or Mrs Brown's Boys, the comedy in this is far more dark but hilarious none-the-less. In fact the best comparison I guess is The League of Gentlemen, which com