I TALK Quick Cuts

BBC Four have tried their hand at yet another brand new original comedy series, this time - Quick Cuts, a semi-improvised sketch show/sitcom written by Georgia Pritchett and starring Doon Mackichan who was most recently seen in the hit ITV2 comedy Plebs.

Similarly to Up The Women, Quick Cuts is only three-episodes long and I'm sure the plan will be to commission a full series and perhaps move it to BBC Two too.

So you may remember me refer to Quick Cuts as half sketch show and half sitcom and Pritchett herself has said she wanted to mix elements of Miranda, The Thick Of It and Veep all together into one show - something she appears to have done with Quick Cuts in terms of plenty of falling over - Miranda's speciality and a lot of swearing - one of the more endearing traits in Malcolm Tucker's character. And I'm hoping you'll agree after watching the first episode that it's difficult to pinpoint Quick Cuts as either a sketch show or a sitcom, so it's best to stick with both it seems!

So what is Quick Cuts all about then? Well, in case you haven't already guessed by the name of the show, it's set in a hairdressers called Quick Cuts, something we've seen before in Desmonds and Cutting It, but that doesn't mean to say it can't be done again.