I TALK Southcliffe

I'm not sure about you, but I felt a bit empty inside when it got to 9pm on a Sunday. Why? Because there were no more episodes of The Returned to enjoy/be confused by. But then I remembered about Southcliffe, a new four-part series that filled its slot.

Back in early July I went along to a preview screening at BAFTA where we were shown the first two episodes of Southcliffe - a drama which tells the story of a fictional English market town, devastated by a series of shootings across one single day. It goes without saying that this tragedy rips the community apart as everyone comes to terms with what has happened and adapt to life in the spotlight of the media.

This is where David Whitehead comes in, played by Rory Kinnear (Count Arthur Strong). David is a journalist who who grew up in the town of Southcliffe and finds himself back there reporting the news and trying to find answers for the tragedy that has swept this small town.

We are first introduced to David in Southcliffe through a voiceover which allows us to understand that he has close connections to the town of Southcliffe and the people living in it. Right from the very beginning, we get a sense of what Southcliffe is really like, as we hear David describe it as "A sleepy little English market town. People don't commit mass murder in a town like this."