I TALK TO Honor Kneafsey, Steve Edge & Bobby Knutt

As Benidorm returns for an incredible eighth series, Billy, Sheron, Eddie, Rob and Jodie, otherwise known as the Dawsons, make their on-screen debut as they prepare for their first stay in the Solana, Benidorm’s best 3-star hotel!

Mum & Dad, Billy and Sheron, are played by Steve Edge (Phoenix Nights) and Julie Graham (The Bletchley Circle) and the brilliant Bobby Knutt, best-known for playing Albert Dingle in Emmerdale plays Billy’s dad Eddie. Billy and Sheron have two kids, 19 year-old Rob played by Josh Bolt, and 7 year-old Jodie, played by the wonderful Honor Kneafsey (Our Zoo).

Unfortunately not all of the Dawsons were out in Benidorm when I visited the set so wasn’t able to speak to Julie Graham or Josh Bolt, however I did have a really nice chat with Steve Edge, Bob