I TALK TO Ricky Gervais

I recently caught up with Ricky Gervais to talk about the second series of Derek.

One of the very first pieces I wrote for this site was about Ricky Gervais' pilot for Derek, a comedy about Derek Noakes (played by Gervais), a sincere, sweet natured individual who loves animals, has a heart of gold and works in a Retirement Home.

The piece remains my most read review yet, so when almost two years to the day of writing that piece I was asked to interview the man himself, Mr Ricky Gervais, I couldn't quite believe my luck. Last week I was invited down to a Central London hotel to preview episodes three and four of the new series of Derek and straight afterwards was given the chance to ask Ricky Gervais a few questions about the new series, as well as getting to the bottom of that David Brent playing Glastonbury rumour that's doing the rounds.

It's always nerve-wracking when you meet someone whose work you admire so much, but within seconds Ricky put me at ease and was exactly how I'd hoped he would be... friendly, funny and an all-around nice guy.

There were moments during the interview where the famous Gervais laugh made an appearance as he spoke so passionately about Derek, a project you can sense he's really proud of. And rightly so as the new series is every inch as good, if not better, as the first series.