I TALK Troll Hunters

As part of BBC Three’s One Click Away season, beauty vlogger Em Ford, who was a victim of online abuse and fought back, targets the alarming rise of online abuse in Britain in her first ever TV documentary, Troll Hunters.

As someone who spends pretty much all of my time on the internet, and in particular social media (both for my day job, and for this blog) I’ve seen the good and the bad sides. When the internet is nice, it’s great, when it’s not, the internet is a very dark and nasty place to be.

Unfortunately, for those who live their lives out on social media, such as the bloggers, vloggers and celebrities of the world, they know only too well that trolls exist. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘troll’, it’s basically a label that has been given to people who go out of their way to upset other people on the internet, primarily across all social media.