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Ian promises Cindy a new business to win over Gina and Anna in EastEnders

But can he convince Nish to agree to his business deal?

Gina humuliates Cindy as she tries to make amends, whilst Freddie struggles with his guilt about Anna, as there's clearly a spark between the pair.

After confiding in Alfie, Freddie is convinced to keep it a secret for Bobby's sake.

Meanwhile, Ian reassures Cindy by promising her a new business to woo Gina and Anna. And when Peter persuades Ian to try and make amends with Kathy, Rocky isn't buying it.

In the café, Ian has a brainwave about a new plan and needing investment he invites Nish for lunch.

However, Ian's business lunch with Suki and Nish doesn't go to plan, and it's not long before any potential deal is off the table. Later, Cindy heads to No.41 to persuade Nish to rethink.

At The Albert, Peter tries to make amends with Gina and Anna, who are shocked to learn that Peter knew nothing about their existence. And as Peter tries to mend things between Bobby and Anna, Freddie quickly makes his excuses and sits separately, consumed by guilt for sleeping with Anna.

Desperate to progress his business deal with Nish, Ian invites him to the café for a taster menu. Without a plan, Ian ropes in Alfie for help, but when Nish rearranges, Ian and Alfie have a heart-to-heart about his current insecurities.

After discussing his concerns for Bobby and Anna's budding relationship, Alfie reveals all about her one-night stand with Freddie.

Despite agreeing to keep it a secret, when George belittles him in front of Nish in The Vic, Ian blurts out the news in front of Bobby and Cindy, unaware she's watching.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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