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Ian's money struggles continue as Max's suspicions of Ian grow in EastEnders

But will he find out the truth about what Ian has done with his money?

After selling his half of the restaurant to Ian so Rainie wouldn’t be entitled to 50% in their divorce, Max thanks Ian for helping him out now the divorce has come through. To thank him he tells him to keep £2,000 of what he owes him, but wants the rest back now.

With Kathy concerned about Ian’s money situation, Ian has a meeting with Councillor Douglas to try and get his backing to become the Chair of the Planning Committee, telling her it's his only way out.

Later, when she overhears Max joking about ways to get the money off Ian, Kathy inadvertently lets it slip that Ian doesn’t need the stress right now, piquing Max’s interest. Will Max find out that Ian has used the money to buy Sharon The Vic?

With the meeting underway at Walford East, Max arrives and openly accuses Ian of stealing his money. Ian quickly makes up excuses but Max makes it clear he wants his money back

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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