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Isaac plans to leave for Trinidad after hearing about Sheree's heart attack in EastEnders

But is Lola right to be worried that he'll never return?

When Isaac tells Kim that Sheree had a heart attack and wants him to go to Trinidad to help her recover, she warns him that she thinks Sheree is lying. Leaving Isaac conflicted.

Kim is overjoyed that her video worked as Pearl gets an interview for a scholarship and ropes in Isaac, Lola and Patrick to watch her and Pearl’s preparation for the interview.

Later, Howie comes clean and admits he switched the video, wanting to show them Pearl’s real talents without all the extras.

Kim snaps at him and vents to her family. But when Isaac gets involved, Kim slips up and tells Lola and Patrick about Sheree. Forcing Isaac to admit that he is going to Trinidad to look after her tomorrow.

Furious with Isaac after he failed to tell her what’s going on, Lola later calms down in The Vic and explains to Isaac how she's worried that he'll never come back. But he promises that he will.

And the day of the interview for Pearl's scholarship arrives. How will it go?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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