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JJ uncovers the identity of the Eirini Rising thief after Harold's tuba is stolen in Neighbours

But will they come forward when JJ raises suspicions that it's him?


Returning to work, Susan hopes her accident may have scared the thieving teens straight, but resident Moira soon reports unauthorised purchases made on her credit card and assumes it's the troubled teens.

As JJ attempts to reset his friendship with Nell, she still feels rejected and responds minimally, focussing instead on Jasmine who shows off an expensive new jacket.

Later, JJ's ears prick up when he hears Moira mention the scammer bought from the same brand Jasmine was flaunting. Although Nell baulks at the implication that Jasmine is a thief, JJ believes the suspicious purchases are worth investigating.

But when JJ lays out his suspicions to Jasmine, sho denies it and points out he has no hard proof. Unable to solve the crimes, Terese, Susan, Karl, and Jane realise their venture is again at risk.

Later, the situation at Eirini Rising seems to be getting worse when Harold reports someone has stolen his credit card details. And he admits to JJ that what he’s really upset about, is the tuba.

JJ decides to track down Jasmine and pressure her to return the tuba anonymously, to Harold’s great joy.

Despite Susan and Terese's worries about the thefts, Harold encourages them to keep going with Eirini Rising, telling them it is a dream worth fighting for and already having a good impact.

As he sets about retrieving more stolen items to return to Eirini Rising, JJ is busted by Terese with a bag full of merchandise.

Despite JJ’s protestations that he’s innocent, Cara and Remi both feel like it’s groundhog day and that they can’t trust their gut feeling anymore, given how many times JJ has let them down in the past.

When Nell discovers that JJ has pointed the finger at Jasmine, she calls her friends and insists Jasmine be honest. And JJ is relieved when Terese informs him that Jasmine has come clean, which means he's off the hook.

As JJ thanks Nell for her help, the spark between them is re-kindled. But they fight it because of Dex.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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