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Justin makes dramatic entrance to the SPO hearing in Corrie

Will Daisy get the Stalking Protection Order?

Meeting her mum for lunch, Daisy is horrified when Christina introduces her new boyfriend, and it turns out to be Justin!

Fearful that Justin may have found out about their wedding date, Daisy calls the venue and reschedules.

Meanwhile, Daisy is gutted when the boutique owner calls at the pub to tell her that they’ve had a call from Justin accusing her of assault and they’re no longer prepared to lend her a dress as the publicity could damage their reputation.

When Daniel makes light of it, Daisy is furious and storms off.

Back at No.1, Daisy hears the doorbell and checks her app, horrified to see it's Justin. After ordering him to clear off, when Daisy returns to the living room, she's shocked and terrified to find Justin standing there having gotten in the back door.

The next day, Daisy switches on her phone in trepidation but is pleasantly surprised when there are no messages from Justin and psyches herself up for the Stalking Protection Order hearing.

Addressing the court, Dee-Dee points out to the Judge that Justin has failed to attend and Daisy delivers her statement, describing how Justin has made her life a misery.

Suddenly, the door to the court opens and Justin enters, telling the court that there seems to be some misunderstanding. He made friends with Daisy, he’s not a stalker. Will Daisy get the SPO?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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