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Karen considers becoming surrogate in EastEnders as her financial situation worsens

But will Bernie let her go ahead with it?

Tracking Bernie down, Molly apologises for how things were left and much to Bernie's surprise, she offers Ziggy out for the day, to spend some time with Bailey.

Later, as they watch Bailey and Ziggy playing, Molly asks Bernie out for a coffee.

With presents a plenty for his daughter Zara, Stuart looks forward to meeting up for her birthday but when Rainie realises Zara has stood him up, Stuart is left feeling ashamed and tries his best to cover.

Over at The Vic, as Bernie fills Karen in on her upcoming date with Molly, they overhear Rainie and Stuart chatting about trying to find a surrogate again. And when Karen gets a call from someone wanting the money they’re owed, she's left feeling panicked.

As Karen and Bernie return home, they're shocked to find the living room a tip and someone’s left a threatening message to pay up. Mitch realises it’s loan sharks and as Karen toys with the idea of becoming Rainie’s surrogate for money, Bernie shuts her down.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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