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Karl hands the baton over to Remi after his last day at Erinsborough Hospital in Neighbours

But can he clear his “Dr. Pooper” reputation?


Anticipating a big farewell fanfare for his last day at Erinsborough Hospital, Karl is left disappointed by the absence of anything at all, but his hopes rise when Remi asks him to join a confab in a treatment room, only for an elated Remi to announce her successful promotion.

Although Karl agrees to meet up with Remi for a drink, he’s left disappointed that she’s been the only one to acknowledge his final day, unaware his colleagues and Susan are setting up a surprise party at The Waterhole.

Dejected, Karl shows up at Aaron’s doorstep admitting he doesn’t feel like meeting up with Remi after the day he’s had. Unaware of the surprise party waiting, Aaron agrees to go on a bike ride with Karl.

As everyone waits for Karl to arrive to his surprise party, Remi receives a text from him cancelling their catch-up, leaving Susan dismayed that her husband has rejected the bait. But with Aaron's help, she manages to win Karl over for a ‘dinner’ at The Waterhole.

Thrilled to be welcomed into the celebration in his honour, Karl laps up the appreciation and makes a speech, expressing gratitude that he is able to hand the baton on to skilful Remi.

Meanwhile, an unfiltered Gavin tells Karl he’d like to get physical with Remi and her wife Cara, which makes Karl feel extremely uncomfortable. Deciding to report Gavin’s comments to HR, Karl decides it’s best if Remi remains unaware.

Later on in the week, whilst on a casual solo bike ride, Karl catches a glimpse of the real public pooper and although he can’t see the perpetrator’s face, it’s definitely a cyclist in a YAHMIL jersey.

Determined to clear his “Dr. Pooper” name, and bring the true culprit to justice, Karl enlists Aaron’s help to infiltrate the YAHMILs. But whilst Aaron does his best, he fails to uncover any information, forcing Karl to go to greater lengths to clear his name.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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