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Kelly faced with threats and accusations as she returns to Weatherfield

But for how long is she back for? And can Nina ever forgive Kelly?

As Kelly's appeal takes place, the judge declares that she’s releasing her with immediate effect. After running into Sabeen at the court, she assures Imran that she'll always be there for him. How will he react?

After a visit from the social worker, Imran and Toyah are appalled to realise they might have to choose between Kelly and Elsie and hope they won't have to.

Returning to the street, Kelly approaches Nina in a bid to build bridges, but Nina makes it clear that she will never forgive her.

Later, Toyah reveals to Kelly that Imran cheated on her and they’re no longer a couple and she urges her to give Imran a second chance. Reluctantly, Toyah reveals to Kelly that Elsie might have to move out.

Reaching a decision for Elsie's sake, Kelly tells Lou that she wants to live somewhere else. Whilst Imran and Toyah are disappointed to learn that Kelly has chosen to move out, Toyah tells Imran that she’s willing to give him a second chance.

Letting herself into her supported living accommodation, Kelly is shocked to find that someone has sprayed the word ‘murderer’ on the wall and scrubs away at the graffiti on the wall.

When Kelly enquires after Nina, Dev reveals that Nina’s in bits having lost Seb’s ring.

Later, Kelly presents Nina with a ring, making out it’s the one she’s lost but Nina isn't fooled and Kelly is forced to admit that she took a trip to York in a bid to find a replacement as a way of showing her how sorry she is.

Nina chucks the ring back at her leaving Kelly heartbroken and in the cafe, Roy advises Nina to cut Kelly some slack as she appears to be genuinely sorry.

Elsewhere, when Dev spots a scratch on his new car, he assumes Kelly to be responsible. When questioned by Craig about the vandalism to Dev’s car, Kelly assures him she spent the afternoon in York with a mate.

But when Craig reveals that Kelly’s so-called mate reckons he hasn’t clapped eyes on her all day. Is Kelly telling the truth?

Approaching Nina and Asha outside the chippy, Kelly assures them she didn’t key Dev’s car and is telling the truth about her trip to York. Will they believe her story?

Later, Aadi and Kelly strike up an unlikely friendship and Kelly tells Aadi he’s welcome to crash at her digs.

As they approach her digs, Cole appears and threatens Kelly, revealing that she’s inadvertently dobbed him in to the police as he used their trip to York to pick up a consignment of stolen phones.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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