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Krista's 'Lassiters Longest Lie-In' gets underway in Neighbours

Will Chelsea's plan to sabotage the event, work?


As she prepares to launch Lassiters Longest Lie-In, Krista is nervous but excited and reassures Paul that everything is in place, unaware that Chelsea is planning to disrupt things by changing the roster, so that the event is understaffed.

Thinking on her feet, Krista hands out walkie-talkies to make sure the staff she does have, work as efficiently as possible.

As the competition begins, so to does the friendly rivalry, with Cara and Remi doing their best to psych out Haz and Mackenzie, while Byron flirts with Sadie as he serves her, much to Nicolette’s bemusement.

Vera proves to be her usual overbearing self, until Holly orchestrates her early demise from the contest and most people survive the first night.

Later, despite the public exposure of Toadie and Melanie’s affair, the Lie-In continues with a surprising return of Billie with an agenda to sabotage Haz and Mackenzie, but it backfires.

As the contestant numbers dwindle, the winners are finally announced and Chelsea’s stymied once more with the resounding success of the event, all due to Krista.

Meanswhile, Aaron avoids the Lie-In and his ongoing conflict with Nicolette, by spending time with Isla.

But after a series of reminders about David’s involvement in the Lie-In, he finally takes Isla to the Complex, resulting in a small thaw with Nicolette and takes comfort in reminiscing with his family about David.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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